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Survey and market research is an important element in the strategy, business plans, and investment research of any individual, company or organization. InfoQ provides online research services with high quality along as young and enthusiastic team, experienced and reputable... Detail


For customers who have completed 1 of these steps above of the survey, or don’t have the online community to examine, InfoQ will support business enterprise to complete the survey. Partial survey services as:

Support online study community respondents for the purpose of consumer research: Research candidates based on a number of characteristics of the online community, follow the basic criteria: age, gender, job, marital status, children, place of birth, and place of living...

Counseling, choosing community of respondent for customers: For this service, the customer will complete the survey planning process, design implementation of questionnaire, affiliate links online questions. The company will send surveys to customers and conduct sample collection. Results shall be borne by the customer data review and processing. This process can be changed depending on customer requirements.