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Survey and market research is an important element in the strategy, business plans, and investment research of any individual, company or organization. InfoQ provides online research services with high quality along as young and enthusiastic team, experienced and reputable... Detail


Survey requested service full package: Customers provide the requested survey, purposes of income information. The company will conduct a completed survey for clients in all stages: planning studies, conducting field research, synthesis of research results, transfer of research results.

Detail of the process: Customers request a survey, and then InfoQ will:

Step 1: Planning research: Identify research objectives, discuss the content of survey, selection survey candidates, and complete the questionnaire content.

Step 2: Conduct field research: design online questionnaire, survey path links, send surveys to candidates, conduct surveys and collect data.

Step 3: Synthesis of research results: Test results of the survey, data filtering, and execution report as required.

Step 4: Transfer the results to the client: Transfer results of research, complete the results handover message.

Final step: Customers get the complete results.

For a conventional survey project, completion period is about 3-5 days. This amount of time can be adjusted depending on the size of the project and requirements of the customers.