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Survey and market research is an important element in the strategy, business plans, and investment research of any individual, company or organization. InfoQ provides online research services with high quality along as young and enthusiastic team, experienced and reputable... Detail

Design Survey

If you are too busy with work, not enough time to organize the content, design the form or do not know where to start with the questionnaire, we can help you with these problems in the clearest and the most logical form. With the high quality trained staff and diversity data base we could advise customers for the clear and consistent survey, quality customer research purposes.

The basic survey questions:

+ Choose the answer (the candidate may choose one or more answers)

+ Fill in the blank answers (data, time, gender, age, etc.)

+ Questions form of comments and opinions.

+ Choose the answer matrix (only one answer or you can choose multiple answers on a row of the matrix)

+ Provide information (may provide more information of an issue in a question)