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Charity Contributions Come to Life in Vietnam

Remnants of the Vietnam War are still visible even today, despite its rapid progression towards becoming a developed nation by 2020. Although Vietnam continues to go from strength to strength in economic terms, the rural areas still suffer from a large power discrepancy, leaving many in need of medical care, education and food supplies. The mission of InfoQ Charitable Team of Vietnam (ICT) is to improve the lives of the less fortunate through laughter, feeling of security and hope for the future. With the tremendous help from InfoQ’s panelists, ICT has successfully organized five charitable events for over a year in both the northern and southern of Vietnam.

The first charity event held by ICT in September, 2012 was named “Loving Mid-Autumn Festival”. In Vietnam from times to times, the Middle Autumn Festival becomes the festival for children. Annually, children wait for this festival because they often get gifts like toys, lanterns in various shapes such as star, moon and animals from their parent. Unfortunately, in a few place there are many children who still do not have any toys, candies, and fruit … to celebrate the Middle Autumn Festival with other kids because their families are very poor. They even do not have enough food for daily life and the word “festival” sounds unfamiliar to them. ICT called for donation from Vietnam InfoQ’s panelists to celebrate Loving Mid-Autumn Festivalfor all poor children in Fishing Village along Red River (in the northern of Vietnam). The 2nd Loving Mid-Autumn Festivalevent was held in September, 2013 in Dong Thap Province and Ho Chi Minh City (in the southern of Vietnam). Paper lanterns was made by all volunteers and sold at Hoang Van Thu Park in Ho Chi Minh City to raise funds for unfortunate children.


(Volunteers were making paper lanterns at Hoang Van Thu Park and sold them to raise fund.)

Vietnam is a country that has been hit by dozens of devastating typhoons every year. In May of 2013, a charity trip was held by ICT to bring clothes, instant noodles and many other items to the victims of hurricane to two mountainous provinces in the northern of Vietnam. More than 900 households were in need of emergency assistance, with over 50 households displaced from their homes and more than 1,000 pupils lived in extreme poverty. The volunteer team helped the victims re-build their houses, gave them necessities and donated books, clothes and rice to poor pupils.


(Volunteers were helping the victims of hurricane re-build their houses.)

            ICT has also organized two Winter Charity Events named Sharing clothes, sharing lovein the winter of 2012 and 2013. The first event was held at Thuy An Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children and The Elderly in Ba Vi District, Hanoi. Most disabled kids here were abandoned by their own parents and admitted to the centre when they were just a few days old. Everything from basic necessities like blankets and clothing to toys, snacks, instant noodles and milk have been donated from Vietnam InfoQ’s panelists for the kids. This winter, from December, 2013 to January, 2014, ICT has been collecting more than 6 tons of warm clothes, 480 notebooks, 500 pairs of socks and many others items. These donated things will be delivered to the children of Thao Chu Phin village which is located in Lao Cai province, one of the most remote and poorest regions in the North of Vietnam.

All charity events that ICT has been celebrating not only remind us about all pain and dearth that the less fortunate are suffering from day to day but also make us realize how happy we are when we can see those kids sulking and smiling at us. Hopefully such simple bliss can encourage people to help the less fortunate more and more. Rather than giving fancy toys and gifts, it would be a lot more meaningful to send them useful things that could help make their daily life better, even if it’s just a book, a handful of rice or an old coat that we do not need, every little bit helps.