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1.Introduction to online market research
In view of modern business, "Customer Insight" - Understanding hidden desire of customers is a prerequisite for successful market approach. When a company wants to penetrate the market, they need to understand the customers" thought and desire about the products" value. Understanding customers is the premise step to make the market as a platform for the strategic vision in mission to conquer the targeted customer and ultimately build a strong brand.
Not out of the general trend of the times, today"s Vietnamese enterprises conduct market research thoroughly, and then filter useful market information, which is the foundation for understanding customers" psychology and make decisions to improve product and service quality. Market research plays a very important role, through which enterprises can establish long-term development plans and create sustainable value for the company.
According to World Market Research Association, market research activities in Vietnam are growing rapidly in recent years: 2010 earns $ 33 million, in 2011 around 40 million. It can be seen that market research is focusingly invested and is being conducted methodically.
Currently, as the global general trend, enterprises are moving to "Online Market Research" also known as "Online Survey"Online Market Research" based on the principle: When an enterprise wants to research the market and explore the needs of customers using the product, it will seek for a "Market Research Company". The company will carry out the survey according to the enterprise"s requirement, send the paid survey to panelists, then collect the results of the surveys and send to enterprises. It can be called as a way of "Market Research Services" which is very modern and popular at present.

2.Introduction to GMO Internet Group and GMO Research Company
GMO Internet Group, headquartered in Tokyo, is a leading force in the Internet industry offering one of the most comprehensive ranges of Internet services worldwide with 88 group companies all over the world. Being the pioneer in the field of website infrastructure , e-commerce, Internet Media, Internet Securities, Social Media and Smartphone Application Platform, GMO Internet Group "s reputation is not only spread in Japan but also globally, especially in America and Europe.

GMO Research Company, a member of GMO Internet Group, is known as a famous company specializing in the field of market research in Japan and Europe with global website system located in more than 40 countries worldwide. In GMO Research’s research solution platform, they provide online panels, social research, mobile research, Eye Tracking, and MROC solutions among other services.