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About service

Q: Can InfoQ possibly provide samples only?

Yes, we can. When you are programming (HTML) and hosting the survey, we request infoQ members to put answering data in your server. In this case, it is required the cooperation with the membership management system. Please contact us for more information.

Q: In addition to the online market research services , can InfoQ provide traditional market research service?

Yes, InfoQ provide traditional market research service with reasonable cost. Please contact us for more information.

Q: What is the format of the out – put?

In case of programming and hosting (we make a survey site), the out – put will be raw data in excel format.

In case of full service project, InfoQ will deliver research report in word, powerpoint, pdf format and SPSS data file.


Q: Please tell me price of each service.

InfoQ  estimate it in each case. Please feel free to contact us.


Q: How long does it take until the date of delivery?

In case of sample supply ( leading panel to our survey site), we deliver in three business days after survey URL is sent.

In case of programming and hosting (we make a survey site), we deliver raw data in five business days after we sent you the final poll.

Q: In case of full service project, how long does it take until the date of delivery?

A full service project will typically include the following stages: Research plan => Prepare main survey => Fieldwork launching(launch survey officially) => Systematise and analyse data => Create report. The average time for each stage is 5 working days.

Note: Schedule can vary depending on the amount of collected samples and condition of clients.Please contact our representatives for more information.

About InfoQ panel

Q: How can InfoQ control panel quality?

Information of responders will be checked by the InfoQ automatic system to ensure the highest accuracy. The system can also filter members with repetitive information ( address, phone number, name…) to make sure  that each member can only sign up and answer each survey one time. In addition, we often conduct new surveys to categorize features of responders and check the accuracy of information provided. 

Q: What is the methods InfoQ use to increase valid responding rate?

Appropriate conditions for the surveys and quotas are filtered carefully .

Invitation emails content is designed clearly to reduce screening-out rate but avoid fraudulent rate.

Public survey acessing is controlled by conditions and nonpublic survey acessings is controlled by URL link through invitation email.

About survey

Q: The questionnaires are constructed by our company or InfoQ?

With basic project, questionnaires are designed by the company. In addition, we also offer other services including design counseling, questionnaire construction with reasonable price.

Q: Our company or InfoQ will design the interface and URL of the survey?

InfoQ can offer this service with very reasonable price. Your products and services can also be advertised for free in our welcoming page when our members start doing the surveys. Therefore, InfoQ members can understand more about your company and your products.

Q: What if we want to translate the surveys from another language to Vietnamese and then translate the results from Vietnamese to another language?

Yes, InfoQ also offer translation services.

About registration in InfoQ

Q: Why do I have to subcribe email to order reports?

News about our reports are usually sent by e-mail, so we have to have your correct email address.

Q: Why should I have to open an account in InfoQ?

Because if you are a registered member of InfoQ, you can enjoy many privileges:

  _ You will have access to our latest market research.

 _You can also download our market reports which are available only to our partners.

 _You can easily manage and keep track of past projects.

 _You will not miss any of our promotional or loyal customer programs. 


Q: How about the security of our information?

Yes, we ensure the security of customer’s information. We only use your information to provide the most suitable services for your needs.

InfoQ.Vn understand that customer information is very important in business and we will not sell or exchange with third parties unless:

_To protect InfoQ.vn and other third parties, we provide account information and personal information only when this action legally protects benefits and assets of service users, InfoQ and third parties.

_Under the requirements of governmental authorities or we believe this action is necessary and appropriate with legal requirements.

_In other cases, we will inform customers. Information is provided for third parties only when we have received permission from you. For example: promotional programs collaborated or sponsored by InfoQ partners.